Autumn photo update

Chamber #1 – overall view


I’ve taken some fresh shots from the conservatory – hope you like them! All plants are starting to gain more colours thanks to much colder, Autumn weather. I’ve done some adjustments with the colour balance, which has helped me to enhance the overall quality of the shots. Here we go:



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  1. Romain Duval says: Reply

    Hi Matt

    Thoses incredible colours seem to be from the tepuis, congratulations !

    I have similar results with neon tubes (at least 5 of them, 3 different types, close to the plants) but they do not last very long…Do you use LEDS for your plants, and if you do is there any premade modedl that you recommend ? Many thanks for your answer 🙂
    Best regards,


    1. Matt says: Reply


      I use LEDs for most of my plants – all of the setups I use right now I designed and built myself. If you’d like to get some more information, I’ll be happy to answer you personally! Please use the contact form to send me a Private Message.


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