Back to life…


Hi everybody!

Due to my 16-day long bicycle pilgrimage to Rome, I had no time, thoughts and even opportunities to post anything new on my blog. But now, finally I can get back to my project ;). My new-old terrarium is getting some last improvements (a new LED lamp is being built), so I think I’m gonna show it to you soon. But now, time for some new photos!

From the left – H. tatei (Marahuaka), H. uncinata (Amuri), and a small H. ceracea (Cerro Neblina). Hope it starts to grow well soon!


H. exappendiculata (Chimanta)


H. exappendiculata (Chimanta) flower. Thanks to Marc Roller for a stunning plant!


N. lowii (Trusmadi) pitcher with my H. purpurascens – first adult pitcher on the way!
Small H. exappendiculata (Aprada Tepui)


Small H. exappendiculata (Aparaman Tepui)


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