Bigger collection = bigger terrariums

N. lowii (Trusmadi) – pretty impressive for a highlander
grown with no cooling. Still one of my favourite plants!

As I promised, now I’ll show you my current set-ups. When my first, self-built terrarium started to leak, I decided to buy a new one; much bigger (100x40x50 cm) and made of glass. I bought 2 fluorescent lighting panels (2x39W + 2x24W), a PC fan and also used the humidifier from my older set-up. Finally, all my tropical plant species have had a new home. It took me only a few months to make a pure carnivorous jungle inside it. And Nepenthes, epiphytic Utricularias, a Heliamphora and Brocchinia seemed to like the new growing conditions and all looked beautifully. Though I didn’t have any cooling system, my highland species were doing pretty well (and they still are!). But, anyway, I think that the pictures are gonna talk for themselves 🙂

To be continued…



My second Nepenthes terrarium, as it used to look like in 2010




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