First (serious) attempt to grow Nepenthes


Today I’m gonna show you some pics of my first properly-built terrarium for all my Neps & other tropical plants. After years of growing them on a windowsill or in plastic “faunarium’ boxes, under no extra light, finally, I designed my own terrarium. I built it using plexiglas – because it’s lighter, easier to cut and more durable (or maybe…more idiot-proof) than normal glass. I used silicone to glue it (it was definitely not a good idea, but I didn’t know that…it wasn’t so terrible after all and lasted for about 2 years; then started to leak) and some aluminium shapes to make the edges look better. The cover was made of plywood with 3 holes in it – one for ventilation, 2 others for compact fluorescent bulbs (2x23W, 6500 & 4000K). I also added an ultrasonic humidifier, one 8×8 PC fan, plugged everything into time controllers and…the terrarium was finally ready! Although it wasn’t a perfect highland terrarium, for a 14-year old guy it was a masterpiece. I even managed to successfully grow N. lowii in it. When it started to leak, I just bought a new terrarium, but I still keep this one in my basement. Soon it’s going to get a new life after making some improvements 😉

In full bloom 😉

After about 2 months I built another terrarium using an old, metal rack. I just needed some silicone, some plexiglas, a fan and a lamp – and it was ready. It doesn’t look really impressive, but I still use it. Within the 2 next months, it should get a totally new design.

Terrarium #2 – or how to turn an old bookshelf into something useful 

Next time I’m gonna show you my current set-ups, which I arranged about 3 years ago.


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