“Heliarium” #3


After a long time, I finally managed to (almost) finish my third Heliamphora terrarium 😉 It’s just my old grow-rack terrarium – but totally rebuilt. But it’s a long story, so I’m giving you just a quick, overall summary:

-I used plexiglas sticked to the rack using silicone, now there are multi-chamber polycarbonate panels attached with screws.

-transparent plexiglas panel (no colour)

-2 transparent pieces of plexiglas. However, they need to be replaced – I took some wrong measures and they tend to fall out. I think next time I’m just gonna use glass.

-150W LED panel (I used 5050 LED strips, 1:1 cool white and blue/red). The panel is cooled – high temperatures can dramatically lower the efficiency of the diodes. I used 3 80×80 mm computer fans and 4 radiators to keep the panel as cool as possible – works well.

I also made an experimental Peltier-cooling system, using a 120W Peltier cell, a radiator with a small fan and a water cooling system designed for PCs. Unfortunately, the whole system will be dismantled. It works fine, but the terrarium is too big for it, so there ain’t any bigger temperature drops. I’m planning to use the Peltier system in another, smaller terrarium – I still think that there must be some good way to use it, but I just have to figure out how to do that ;). Anyway, the terrarium will soon be my main propagation chamber and it’s gonna be moved into a cool basement, so the temperatures should be fine for the plants.

Of course I also use an ultrasonic humidifier to keep the humidity on a right level.

Some photos:

View from the front


Peltier cooling system


Upper side of the LED panel


Smoke…on the Helis




“Cold plate” of the cooling system, with a fan blowing air through the cold ribs of the radiator


LED panel

If you have any questions – feel free to ask, I’m waiting for your messages 😉
Now it’s time to start building another terrarium…



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  1. gael says: Reply

    very nice installation
    can you explain me with detail your cooling system ?
    best regards

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