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  • Comeback


    After a very long absence here, I finally managed to relaunch this site! I’ve had a lot of work with my project, but now I’m (almost) ready with all stuff. Just to summarize the whole thing: I’ve already moved most of my plants into my new growroom. It’s located in my basement to provide cooler temperatures […]

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  • “Heliarium” #3


    After a long time, I finally managed to (almost) finish my third Heliamphora terrarium 😉 It’s just my old grow-rack terrarium – but totally rebuilt. But it’s a long story, so I’m giving you just a quick, overall summary: WALLS: -I used plexiglas sticked to the rack using silicone, now there are multi-chamber polycarbonate panels […]

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  • Back to life…


    Hi everybody! Due to my 16-day long bicycle pilgrimage to Rome, I had no time, thoughts and even opportunities to post anything new on my blog. But now, finally I can get back to my project ;). My new-old terrarium is getting some last improvements (a new LED lamp is being built), so I think […]

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  • Getting into Heliamphoras


    Been a while since my last entry…I just had some busy time. Anyways, this time I’m gonna show you my main Heliamphora growing setup. It’s not big (50x35x40 cm), but does its job pretty fine. It has a 4x24W fluorescent light panel and stands close to the window, so every day it gets some extra […]