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Well…that’s my first blog, so I think I should start with a bit of introduction. I’ve started it to write about one of my biggest passions – carnivorous plants. I’m Mateusz, I live in the southern part of Poland (Silesia) and I’ve been growing CPs for 10 years now. It all started in 2003 during a school lesson about Polish national parks, when the teacher showed me a photo of Drosera rotundifolia and said: “this plant catches insects to nourish itself, have you heard about that?”. Well, that was just one picture. But for it was a spark that ignited it all. I started to look for more and more information about those strange plants, and after some time got totally absorbed by all this stuff. I surfed the internet, read some books and finally decided to buy a plant and try to grow it. That’s how I got my first plant – Nepenthes maxima x fusca. I was dissapointed, ’cause I wanted a Venus flytrap (“it moves like jaws, I want it, yay!”), but happy that I have something that strange on my windowsill. After some time I had my whole windowsill crammed with various sundews, pitcher plants, Venus flytraps etc. I had nearly no idea how to grow them properly, so I just kept everything on the windowsill and watered like any other common plants. Some of them died, some survived; my friends and relatives were laughing about my new “passion”, being sure that I would get bored after some time. But it lasted and lasted…and still lasts. That’s how it all started. As years went by, I managed to build my own experience of how to grow CPs properly. I had nobody and nothing to help me with it, so I had to loose many plants, to finally get the best results possible. After some time I decided to focus on my favourite plants – Nepenthes and Heliamphoras and now, after 10 years, I’ve decided to share my own experience and show you the progress of my new project, which I hope will let me push my passion to a totally new level.
But, as we know, every single thing has a beginning…

My first H. minor…grown on a windowsill (ca. 2005-2006)
D. capensis – a “must” for every CP beginner…
Hope you’ll enjoy my blog!

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  1. Melody says: Reply

    Nice start, I look forward to reading some updates! Interesting how out of all the hobbies I've started and gotten bored with, growing carnivorous plants has been the one that stuck around for me too. Good luck with the blog, and of course the plants!

    1. Thanks a lot 😉 I must say that growing CPs isn't my only hobby – I also like history, astronomy, travelling and I'm just mad about music. But what's the best thing in all this – with all these passions, I'm studying…mechanics & machine construction :p Funny, huh? 😉

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