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  • Autumn photo update

    Chamber #1 – overall view

    Hi, I’ve taken some fresh shots from the conservatory – hope you like them! All plants are starting to gain more colours thanks to much colder, Autumn weather. I’ve done some adjustments with the colour balance, which has helped me to enhance the overall quality of the shots. Here we go: Cheers Mateusz

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  • Comeback photos


    As you can see, I’ve finally managed to transfer the blog to the new domain, so I’m ready to get back posting new stuff for you. As I need a little more time to take care of some aesthetic things on the website, this time just some fresh photos from my little basement conservatory. New material to follow, stay […]

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  • New shots


    A few new shots from the growroom! N. edwardsiana slowly showing its “teeth”   Wonderfully coloured H. pulchella (Amuri)   Paepalanthus spec. Cerro Neblina after repotting – flowers incoming   And last but not least – H. nutans (Roraima) in bloom! Cheers, Mateusz

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  • Another LED panel ready


    I’ve just finished assembling my newest (and biggest) LED grow panel. That’s gonna be my main Heliamphora grow chamber. Power: ca. 200W Dimensions: 135×50 cm Cooling: 120mm PC fans (6 pcs.) 200W, 12V power supply       Soon moving some plants inside! Stay tuned!   Cheers, Mateusz   P.S. Thanks for the first 100 […]